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irish soda bread!

procrastinating: taking the cat outside

prep time: 15 minutes

cook time: 45-50 minutes

cleanup time: 10 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: ~ 75 minutes

Éirinn go brách, procrastibakers! it’s one of my favorite weeks– st. patrick’s week– and naturally, it’s gorgeous out. the sun is shining, the air is losing its wintery bite, and spring is just around the corner. and no one is as astutely aware of the nice weather as our cat, anna. every time i’m near the front door, she runs over, stands on her hind legs, and meows at me to try and go outside. all in due time, anna. going outside means putting on shoes, and non-pajama-like clothes, and i have to build up the energy to do all that.

the other tell-tale sign that it’s st. patrick’s week (yes, week, not DAY), is that i have the grocery list to prove it. corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, and naturally, irish soda bread. i could just pick up a loaf while at the store, but they’re never as perfect as you’d like– maybe no raisins, maybe too many caraway seeds, maybe too dense… i mean, if you ask me, there’s no such thing as bad irish soda bread, but i think i can do a better job on my own.

i’m not sure if either one of my irish grandmothers have a soda bread recipe, so mine’s just an amalgamation of “hmm, this seems like a good idea” and “this sounds right.” i think regardless of the turnout, they’re proud of me, but personally, i think we have a winner. note to my friends in ireland: this may not be traditional soda bread, but irish-american cuisine certainly has its place as well–so put on your shamrocks, procrastibakers, and let’s get goin!

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pear-hazelnut bars

procrastinating: sleep.

prep time: 90 minutes

bake time: 30 minutes

cleanup time: 10 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: ~2 hours

good morning, procrastibakers, and hello to my new friends at coler & colantonio who have profited from procrastibaking leftovers the last couple days. in an effort not to eat all of the sweetheart cupcakes or pumpkin doughnuts or savory scones (post coming soon!) my boyfriend brought everything to the office with him, and came home last night with empty containers, asking, “what are we going to bake for the office tonight?”

i pondered as we went to yoga class, and then panera for dinner afterwards, and then finally, as we meandered through super stop & shop, it struck me. a delicious cookie bar, light and chewy with a palate stimulating texture, perfect with a morning cup of coffee (or two). and so, the pear-hazelnut bar was conceptualized.

it wasn’t until we strolled in the door after 10pm that i realized it might be a long night. but who needs sleep when you can bake? let’s go!

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pecan upside-down cupcakes

procrastinating: feeling glum.

prep time: 45 minutes

bake time: 25 minutes

cleanup time: 15 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 90 minutes

hey there, procrastibakers. i’m having one of those days where things are just not working out as much as i’d like them to. i spent the morning applying for jobs (and if last week was any indication, even getting a response would be miraculous); i am running precariously low on funds, even for a grad student; relationships and friendships are shifting and changing– basically, i’m in some sticky situations.

in reality, that’s not so fun, but it HAS served as the inspiration for today’s procrastibaking: sticky pecan upside-down cupcakes. sweet pecan glaze bubbles over the top and sides of these cupcakes, making each bite delectable. nutty, sticky– sounds about right. let’s get going!

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coarse salt

so in almost all the few recipes i’ve posted so far, there’s been a common denominator: coarse salt.

i know that i might be coming off as a little bit of a salt elitist, and i really hope that the idea is met with more enthusiasm and less “well, la de dah, look at this procrastibaker recommending fancy salt!” dear reader, please know that i wasn’t always this way. when the idea of trading regular table salt for coarse salt was first presented to me, i was skeptical. is there that much of a difference? should i even bother? would anybody even notice?

now, if you’re procrastibaking along at home, and all you have is table salt, then by all means, use what you got. it’s gonna taste delish anyway. but you can probably tell that i have neither the budget nor the attention span (hello, i procrastibake!) to go out and buy ingredients i don’t absolutely require or won’t use all the time, and so i wouldn’t just recommend things willy-nilly. if you’re making a grocery list, i totally think coarse salt is worth adding– and here’s why.

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