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pumpkin doughnuts

procrastinating: shoveling the snow.

prep time: 35 minutes (& 3 hours to chill)

cook time: 3 minutes a batch

cleanup time: 10 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 4 hours-ish.

hey there, procrastibakers. happy february!

today in massachusetts, we’re experiencing yet another major snowstorm (along with most of the rest of america– yay snowmageddon!), which i, for one, appreciate. snowstorms are a wonderful opportunity to stay home and snuggle up, throw on some comfy sweats, and put on some old favorite movies (ahhh, kelly clarkson!).

okay, correction: unemployed snowdays are fun. the soul-crushing inability to acquire gainful employment stings a little less as the snow begins to fall and covers everything in clean white purity. you’re not home alone today, because the rest of the world is snowed in with you. and if you can manage to send in a few job applications while the world is snowy and sleepy, well, you’re ahead of the game, aren’t you?

since i still haven’t heard back from mcdonalds about being their next fry technician (thank you, higher education), i think some pre-job training might edge me ahead of the throngs of competition. and so, i present to you the snowday treat: pumpkin doughnuts. fried to a golden perfection, dipped in spicy sugar– they may not be baked, but they’re helping me avoid the 8+ inches of snow in the driveway, and that’s procrastibaking enough for me. let’s go!

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blueberry shortbread crumble!

procrastinating: sleep

prep time: 25 minutes

bake time: 30 minutes

cleanup time: 5 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 1 hour.

good evening everybody. i finally got the butter to procrastibake with, and my gut instinct was “in the morning, katie. go to bed.” but gosh darn it, this is a procrastination blog, and that means i’ll put off anything in the name of baking– even sleep! so let’s pick up where we left off: shortbread.

this shortbread is light and buttery and would be delightful on its own, but it’ll serve as the crust and crumble top to the tangy sweet blueberry spread we made earlier today in this post. let’s go!

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coarse salt

so in almost all the few recipes i’ve posted so far, there’s been a common denominator: coarse salt.

i know that i might be coming off as a little bit of a salt elitist, and i really hope that the idea is met with more enthusiasm and less “well, la de dah, look at this procrastibaker recommending fancy salt!” dear reader, please know that i wasn’t always this way. when the idea of trading regular table salt for coarse salt was first presented to me, i was skeptical. is there that much of a difference? should i even bother? would anybody even notice?

now, if you’re procrastibaking along at home, and all you have is table salt, then by all means, use what you got. it’s gonna taste delish anyway. but you can probably tell that i have neither the budget nor the attention span (hello, i procrastibake!) to go out and buy ingredients i don’t absolutely require or won’t use all the time, and so i wouldn’t just recommend things willy-nilly. if you’re making a grocery list, i totally think coarse salt is worth adding– and here’s why.

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