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pb&j cupcakes!

procrastinating: making my valentine.

prep time: 20 minutes

cook time: ~20 minutes

decorating time: ~30 minutes

cleanup time: 10 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: about 90 minutes

salutations, procrastibakers. i spent the better part of yesterday crafting a totally unique and special valentine for my sweetie. it’s actually a lot harder than it sounds because i had scripted out everything i wanted to write, and then, naturally,  it got wiped from my computer. so i’m working on valentine 2.0, and while i think it’ll end up better than the original, the first edition took me several days to compose to perfection, and i’m just getting cracking on this version. yeesh!

without giving too much away, because he’s a supporter of the procrastibake movement and reads this blog (thanks, luke! <3), i may or may not have purchased over 600 stickers, various pink construction papers, and enough tape to make a prom dress. i’m trying not to make this kindergarten-esque, so i thought maybe i should bake before i break out the glitter glue.

pb&j is one of those quintessential treats that we all know and love. plus, i’m in the mood for one, but i’m out of bread, so why not fashion some representative cupcakes to take the place of the sandwich?

peanutbuttery goodness blends with sweet jelly to make a perfectly delightful afternoon snack. if i had children, i would send them to school with one of these in their lunchbox. well, maybe that’s not responsible parenting– but i can sure give my boyfriend one when he gets home, if only to soften the blow when he gets my “special” valentine next week. 🙂 let’s go!

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pumpkin doughnuts

procrastinating: shoveling the snow.

prep time: 35 minutes (& 3 hours to chill)

cook time: 3 minutes a batch

cleanup time: 10 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 4 hours-ish.

hey there, procrastibakers. happy february!

today in massachusetts, we’re experiencing yet another major snowstorm (along with most of the rest of america– yay snowmageddon!), which i, for one, appreciate. snowstorms are a wonderful opportunity to stay home and snuggle up, throw on some comfy sweats, and put on some old favorite movies (ahhh, kelly clarkson!).

okay, correction: unemployed snowdays are fun. the soul-crushing inability to acquire gainful employment stings a little less as the snow begins to fall and covers everything in clean white purity. you’re not home alone today, because the rest of the world is snowed in with you. and if you can manage to send in a few job applications while the world is snowy and sleepy, well, you’re ahead of the game, aren’t you?

since i still haven’t heard back from mcdonalds about being their next fry technician (thank you, higher education), i think some pre-job training might edge me ahead of the throngs of competition. and so, i present to you the snowday treat: pumpkin doughnuts. fried to a golden perfection, dipped in spicy sugar– they may not be baked, but they’re helping me avoid the 8+ inches of snow in the driveway, and that’s procrastibaking enough for me. let’s go!

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almond crescent cookies

procrastinating: sending my christmas cards.

prep time: 15 minutes

bake time: 20 minutes

cleanup time: 10 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 45 minutes.

happy holidays, procrastibakers!!

i know it’s been a little while since i’ve procrastibaked with you all, but it’s mostly because i haven’t been procrastibaking from scratch, and i want to keep this blog as legit as possible, with only home-made recipes.

that, and i’ve been procrastinating a new post. you know how it goes.

anyway, it’s the holiday season– aka, my favorite time of the year. i don’t believe in religion, but i certainly believe in the christmas spirit, commercialism undertones and all. i have all the christmas accoutrements anyone could ever hope for. a christmas countdown calender? check. tiny led lights inside and out? check. christmas tree salt and pepper shakers? you betcha.

i have my presents (mostly) wrapped and ready to be gifted, waiting under the tree (that may or may not have gone up immediately after thanskgiving). i have playlists of christmas music continuously looping in my ipod. and i have my christmas cards filled out, addressed, and sitting in the box on the shelf.

it never fails– last year i did the same thing, too. amassed everyone’s addresses (even if it meant harassing friends on facebook), filled them all out, sealed them and addressed them, and then they sat stuffed in my address book until this past october, when i realized it was officially too late to send them. if i didn’t write “happy new year 2010!” in them, i wouldn’t have had to buy new cards this year. oh well.

i could find my way to the post office and get some stamps and finish the job, or i could bake one of my favorite christmas cookies– the almond crescent. it’s a thick, shortbread-y cookie, made with a few really simple ingredients and dusted in confectioner’s sugar for a perfect holiday treat. my mom and aunt exchange christmas cookies every year, and i always search the plate for these ones first.

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sugar cookie base

procrastinating: packing.

prep time: 15 minutes

cook time: 10 minutes (per batch)

cleanup time: 5 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 30 minutes

it’s sort of funny that my welcome-back blog post is also one of the last blog posts in the original procrastibake kitchen. that’s right, i’m leaving my apartment here in the heart of boston and going… well, somewhere new. and you know how it is when it’s time to pack up and leave– lots of packing, and throwing things away, and finding new nail holes in the wall to patch up. blargh.

anyway, why bother with silly (depressing) things like that when we could be baking, instead?

today’s recipe is a new favorite, and it’s one of the most versatile. sure, sugar cookies are delicious, and these are no exception. sweet without being TOO sugary, a hint of vanilla– they almost melt in your mouth, and are especially perfect paired with pumpkin coffee. thank you, dunkin donuts. BUT– these cookies are also the perfect base cookie: chocolate chip? macadamia nut? blueberry? maple? butterscotch? pumpkin? yes! as scrumptious as it is on its own, this base goes perfectly with whatever you decide to add to it. and, this recipe yields lots of cookie dough, so freeze it plain and you’ll be able to add fresh ingredients to your cookies as you acquire them!

let’s begin!

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white raspberry layer cake

procrastinating: procrastibaking something new.

total time spent procrastibaking: 90 minutes.

hey there procrastibakers! last week i tried to make a cake for my friend lauren and it just turned into disaster. my layers weren’t really even, my fondant wasn’t as pretty as i’d hoped, the cake was a little lopsided. it wasn’t in any condition to give, but it was a-ok for eating. actually, it’s better than a-ok. this cake might not have been a looker, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a keeper.

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procrastinating: cleaning up yesterday’s mess.

prep time: 20 minutes

cleanup time: 5 minutes

total procrastibaking time: 25 minutes

greetings and salutations, procrastibakers. yesterday i had all these great aspirations of making a wedding-esque cake for my dear friend lauren who’s getting married today (!!!!) but i had the baking day from hell. i collapsed two cakes, got raspberry filling everywhere, ruined a batch of white frosting (which is so easy to make, it’s almost HARDER to ruin it), and ended up cutting my hand when my pilsner-glass-turned-rolling-pin exploded in my apparent death grip. you know how you have to crack a few eggs to make some cookie dough? yesterday was more an egg day than a cookie dough day for me.

but i was successful in one of my endeavors– homemade marshmallow fondant. fondant is often used on wedding cakes, but you’ll find it on chic cupcakes or even cookies as decoration– it’s satiny smooth, could be colored or white, and often, it tastes chalky and gross. but of all my misfortune yesterday, the fondant was a smashing success. easy to work with, easy to make, and best of all– tastes delicious. if i had managed to produce a baked good worth serving, i imagine the fondant would have been the icing on the cake– both literally and figuratively.

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baked banana apples

procrastinating: packing

prep time: 20 minutes

cook time: 25 minutes

cleanup time: 5 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 45 minutes.

hi procrastibakers! it’s been a lovely stay with my family in new york, but by this time tomorrow i should be safely back in the original procrastibake kitchen in good ol’ boston. do i have anything packed yet? is my laundry done? is it sorted? in the machine? no, no, and no, dear procrastibakers, and it’s because i’ve instead opted to pay tribute to my home– the big apple– with some baked banana apples. priorities, people.

baked apples are arguably more of a fall or winter dessert, but i try to never let the seasons dictate my deliciousness. almost ridiculously simple to make, there’s a lot of wiggle room in this recipe, which allows for more creativity. today, we’re using fun ingredients like bananas and maple syrup to give our baked apples unparalleled levels of taste and excitement. let’s go!

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