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sweetheart cupcakes

procrastinating: doing dishes.

prep time: 1 hour (+ 15 minutes after baking)

cook time: 20 minutes

cleanup time: 10 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: nearly 2 hours.

you know what, procrastibakers? i’ll admit it. i’m a love-aholic. and valentine’s day is right up my alley.

now i’m not talking about the guilt-ridden diamond commercials that punctuate every tv show leading up to v-day, or reservations at some swank, overcrowded restaurant. i don’t need a delivery of flowers from my sweetheart to know that he cares. (hopefully he doesn’t need diamonds or restaurants or flowers either, becauseĀ procrastibake.wordpress.com is my only employer right now, and the only corresponding dough is the edible kind that goes in the oven and comes out sugary and delicious and frosted with icing).

whether you’re single or with someone special, valentine’s day has become less lovey and more… angsty. what happened to the time where it meant simple cardboard rectangles printed with hearts and clever cartoons passed without bias to everyone in your class? and who needs a special day to say “i love you,” anyway? why, you can show your one and only how much you care by sending a quick love-email, or by doing little things around the house, and you don’t need a holiday to do it. incidentally, i intend to do dishes any moment now to show my darling boyfriend how much i love him. annnnnnny moment now.

i could do chores to show my love… or, i could bake these delightful sweetheart cupcakes! yes, they’ll create a couple more dishes to do, but the sweet white batter of the cupcakes is accented with a red gooey center of blackberry jelly, and topped with a white fondant frosting and jelly heart… it’s love at first sight. shall we?

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burnt-sugar brown-butter cupcakes

procrastinating: getting ready for next semester

prep time: 40 minutes

cook time: ~25 minutes

cleanup time: 10 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 75 minutes

hey procrastibakers! one week from today i’ll be back in the swing of classes and things– which means i’ll have lots more to procrastibake about! šŸ™‚ i’m actually pretty excited– i’ve missed my friends from my program, and i’m looking forward to writing and teaching again. but with every new semester comes the inevitable barrage of chores: organizing, cleaning, reading, etc. i ripped out the pages of my planner to make it current after months of disuse; i wrote out my class schedule on fancy paper; and i decided to craft up this new recipe today.

this past weekend was wonderful for lots of reasons– one small reason being the burnt sugar and butter ice cream i got to try, which was freaking phenomenal, and the inspiration behind these cupcakes. burnt sugar and brown butter are sort of intimidating ingredients, just because they’re tricky to get right, but if you can do it, the flavors are deep and totally worth it. let’s give it a go!

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white raspberry layer cake

procrastinating: procrastibaking something new.

total time spent procrastibaking: 90 minutes.

hey there procrastibakers! last week i tried to make a cake for my friend lauren and it just turned into disaster. my layers weren’t really even, my fondant wasn’t as pretty as i’d hoped, the cake was a little lopsided. it wasn’t in any condition to give, but it was a-ok for eating. actually, it’s better than a-ok. this cake might not have been a looker, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a keeper.

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procrastinating: cleaning up yesterday’s mess.

prep time: 20 minutes

cleanup time: 5 minutes

total procrastibaking time: 25 minutes

greetings and salutations, procrastibakers. yesterday i had all these great aspirations of making a wedding-esque cake for my dear friend lauren who’s getting married today (!!!!) but i had the baking day from hell. i collapsed two cakes, got raspberry filling everywhere, ruined a batch of white frosting (which is so easy to make, it’s almost HARDER to ruin it), and ended up cutting my hand when my pilsner-glass-turned-rolling-pin exploded in my apparent death grip. you know how you have to crack a few eggs to make some cookie dough? yesterday was more an egg day than a cookie dough day for me.

but i was successful in one of my endeavors– homemade marshmallow fondant. fondant is often used on wedding cakes, but you’ll find it on chic cupcakes or even cookies as decoration– it’s satiny smooth, could be colored or white, and often, it tastes chalky and gross. but of all my misfortune yesterday, the fondant was a smashing success. easy to work with, easy to make, and best of all– tastes delicious. if i had managed to produce a baked good worth serving, i imagine the fondant would have been the icing on the cake– both literally and figuratively.

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