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pb&j cupcakes!

procrastinating: making my valentine.

prep time: 20 minutes

cook time: ~20 minutes

decorating time: ~30 minutes

cleanup time: 10 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: about 90 minutes

salutations, procrastibakers. i spent the better part of yesterday crafting a totally unique and special valentine for my sweetie. it’s actually a lot harder than it sounds because i had scripted out everything i wanted to write, and then, naturally,  it got wiped from my computer. so i’m working on valentine 2.0, and while i think it’ll end up better than the original, the first edition took me several days to compose to perfection, and i’m just getting cracking on this version. yeesh!

without giving too much away, because he’s a supporter of the procrastibake movement and reads this blog (thanks, luke! <3), i may or may not have purchased over 600 stickers, various pink construction papers, and enough tape to make a prom dress. i’m trying not to make this kindergarten-esque, so i thought maybe i should bake before i break out the glitter glue.

pb&j is one of those quintessential treats that we all know and love. plus, i’m in the mood for one, but i’m out of bread, so why not fashion some representative cupcakes to take the place of the sandwich?

peanutbuttery goodness blends with sweet jelly to make a perfectly delightful afternoon snack. if i had children, i would send them to school with one of these in their lunchbox. well, maybe that’s not responsible parenting– but i can sure give my boyfriend one when he gets home, if only to soften the blow when he gets my “special” valentine next week. 🙂 let’s go!

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white raspberry layer cake

procrastinating: procrastibaking something new.

total time spent procrastibaking: 90 minutes.

hey there procrastibakers! last week i tried to make a cake for my friend lauren and it just turned into disaster. my layers weren’t really even, my fondant wasn’t as pretty as i’d hoped, the cake was a little lopsided. it wasn’t in any condition to give, but it was a-ok for eating. actually, it’s better than a-ok. this cake might not have been a looker, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a keeper.

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kitchen sink cake #1

procrastinating: grocery shopping

prep time: 20 minutes

bake time: 55 minutes

cleanup time: 5 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: just under 90 minutes

i’m visiting home again this week, and as everybody knows, there are pros and cons to staying at your parents’ house. here are some of mine.  pro: two adorable puppies to play with!, con: sneeze-inducing puppy hair. pro: seeing everybody you love and missed, con: less private space/time. pro: an electric mixer to procrastibake with, con: no real procrastibaking ingredients.

it’s been a couple days since i’ve procrastibaked, and the delay has been because i just don’t know what to bake. at my apartment in boston, my cupboards are stocked with flours and sugars and spices for creating all sorts of delicious treats– but my family, like most normal families, doesn’t grocery shop with confections in mind. sure, i could make myself a bologna sandwich, but somehow i just can’t decide how to turn that into a baked good.

so this is the first in a series i’ll call: the kitchen sink. i’ve scoured my parents’ kitchen for ingredients i think might turn into something yummy, and we’ll mix em up and see how things go.

today’s adventure: pumpkin spice cake.

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pineapple carrot cake!

procrastinating: cleaning my apartment.

prep time: 45 mins

bake time: 35 mins

cleanup time:10 mins

time spent procrastibaking:90 minutes

aloha, procrastibakers! sometimes, it’s nice not having class or work: i spend my days napping, or reading, or watching movies… it’s lazy and fantastic, considering how crazy things normally are. sadly though, my apartment pays the price. i could mop the kitchen floor, or i could go inside and watch “when harry met sally” for the zillionth time. come on now, procrastibakers. what would you choose?!

i admit– i haven’t put off cleaning my apartment completely. i just washed every dish i own, all in anticipation of today’s delicious recipe: pineapple carrot cupcakes! this recipe is awesome for summer; fresh pineapple and carrot give a burst of juice and color to already-moist, flavorful cupcakes.

not only that, but today we’re going to make a ridiculously simple frosting that also happens to be one of the yummiest frostings you’ll ever come across– a great compliment to the strength of the pineapple carrot cake. and if you happen to have access to pineapple flowers, well– could things get any prettier? or more delicious?

let’s bake!

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pineapple flower petals

procrastinating: baking.

prep time: 15 minutes

bake time: 1 hour

cleanup time: 15 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 90 minutes.

hey there, procrastibakers. i have an awesome, awesome, tremendous, stupendous, can’t-wait-to-make-this recipe, and absolutely no energy to make it. i feel a little guilty putting off making these cupcakes– almost as if i’m neglecting this blog a week into starting it. but what kind of procrastibaker example would i be setting if i didn’t procrastinate everything– even baking? when i get around to it, the cupcakes i’m planning will be every bit as scrumptious as you can possibly imagine– but it’s just not gonna happen tonight.

instead– i do have a less intense and still super fun recipe to do that’ll be in preparation for tomorrow’s baked goods! pineapple hibiscus flowers are delicate, beautiful toppings that look amazing on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins– whatever! plus, they’re not only edible– they’re delicious! there’s not a lot to them, but they’re a little time consuming, so they’re a good “night-before” kind of recipe. let’s get going!

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pecan upside-down cupcakes

procrastinating: feeling glum.

prep time: 45 minutes

bake time: 25 minutes

cleanup time: 15 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 90 minutes

hey there, procrastibakers. i’m having one of those days where things are just not working out as much as i’d like them to. i spent the morning applying for jobs (and if last week was any indication, even getting a response would be miraculous); i am running precariously low on funds, even for a grad student; relationships and friendships are shifting and changing– basically, i’m in some sticky situations.

in reality, that’s not so fun, but it HAS served as the inspiration for today’s procrastibaking: sticky pecan upside-down cupcakes. sweet pecan glaze bubbles over the top and sides of these cupcakes, making each bite delectable. nutty, sticky– sounds about right. let’s get going!

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bacon brownies

procrastinating: monday morning

prep time: 35 minutes

bake time: 35 minutes

cleaning time: 10-15 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 1.5 hours

greetings from new york, procrastibakers. i’m currently on location in my parents’ kitchen– a great place to unwind after spending the last couple days surrounded with friends and family. (i’m so lucky to have such super people in my life; i’d procrastibake for you all every day if i could.) now that it’s sunday night, everyone in my family is off doing their own things– working, hanging out with friends, watching tv, playing the guitar– leaving the kitchen empty, save for me, my procrastibaking, and two very excited puppies.

my family’s dogs, jack and rudy, are staring up at me with these adorable puppy dog eyes and probably could not get closer to me if they tried. though i know how much they love me, i’m sure their proximity has more to do with the open slab of bacon on the counter. and as much as i love them right back, they won’t get to partake of the bacon tonight, because it’s all going into my ultimate baked good recipe: the bacon brownie. salty bacon, gooey chocolate– it soothes every hunger pain, satisfies every sweet tooth, basically makes life worth living again. oh, and though they don’t get top billing in the recipe, there’s also a healthy dose of milk duds, because, ya know, why not.

for the record, i’m making no attempt to hide the fact that these are not good for you. they are probably pretty much opposite of healthy. but they taste damn good, and with these for breakfast tomorrow morning, monday will seem a little more do-able. let’s go.

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