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cupcake trucks!

denver's cupcake trucks are motoring to a street near you (if you live in denver)! photo credit:

hey there procrastibakers! welcome to 2011!

i’ve tried to put off procrastibaking (you know how i roll) for a bit after the holidays in an effort to minimize the annual christmas (and-post-christmas)-weight-gain. now that january’s almost over, i figure most of us are done with our resolutions to stop eating sweets, and the hiatus is officially over.

today i’m updating from starbucks (at barnes and noble) which has a bevy of delightful baked goods, but sadly, i didn’t procrastibake any of them, so i can’t tell you how amazing this marshmallow square is. but i CAN tell you about the advent of cupcake trucks in denver, colorado! Continue reading



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morsels for mammaries

baking is lots of fun, though you probably wouldn’t think of it as a body-friendly activity. but thanks to the bake for the cure at the topsfield fair in topsfield, ma, all that is about to change.

a baking contest in search of the best yeast and whole grain breads, sponsored in part by fleischmann’s yeast of ach food companies, bake for the cure gives individuals a new way to raise funds for and awareness about fighting breast cancer. bake for the cure events are held in state and county fairs across the nation, and with the bake for the cure entrance fee at the topsfield fair being donated to the susan g. koman foundation, topsfield alone raised $200 to contribute to the cause.

this year, diane monteiro of woburn, ma took home the top prize in both categories, taking home a total of $250 for her two first-prize recipes. but everyone agrees that the event is about more than the money, or even the joy of baking.

“it gets a lot more people thinking about the cause and it gets a lot of people involved,” said phyllis berrett of saugus, ma, co-chair of the food department at coolidge halI, in an interview with the hamilton-wenham chronicle. “it’s a good thing.”

events like this kind of defeat the purpose of procrastibaking– i bake to put off my responsibilities, whereas these bakers are baking for a very specific (and wonderful!) cause. but i think the story deserves merit on this blog, because though we might be baking with a different motivating factor, we all hope for the same end result: to create a delicious distraction, and ultimately, make people happy.

check out the bake for the cure link to see a baking event happening near you, and congrats to diane montiero for her wins!

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kitchen sink cake #1

procrastinating: grocery shopping

prep time: 20 minutes

bake time: 55 minutes

cleanup time: 5 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: just under 90 minutes

i’m visiting home again this week, and as everybody knows, there are pros and cons to staying at your parents’ house. here are some of mine.  pro: two adorable puppies to play with!, con: sneeze-inducing puppy hair. pro: seeing everybody you love and missed, con: less private space/time. pro: an electric mixer to procrastibake with, con: no real procrastibaking ingredients.

it’s been a couple days since i’ve procrastibaked, and the delay has been because i just don’t know what to bake. at my apartment in boston, my cupboards are stocked with flours and sugars and spices for creating all sorts of delicious treats– but my family, like most normal families, doesn’t grocery shop with confections in mind. sure, i could make myself a bologna sandwich, but somehow i just can’t decide how to turn that into a baked good.

so this is the first in a series i’ll call: the kitchen sink. i’ve scoured my parents’ kitchen for ingredients i think might turn into something yummy, and we’ll mix em up and see how things go.

today’s adventure: pumpkin spice cake.

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official cupcake of the nhl?

some pairings just make sense: chocolate and peanut butter; bert and ernie.

but then there’s the latest dynamic duo straight out of nassau coliseum: hockey and cupcakes.

the new york islanders are the first nhl team to have an official team cupcake, made exclusively by the cupcake gourmet‘s owner amy brady.

according to yahoo contributor puck daddy‘s nhl blog, brady was quoted saying, “i think it fits very well. i’ve watched the islanders eat cupcakes before. i don’t see it as a big jump.”

here’s the full story on the islanders’ nhl website:

it’s an… unexpected pairing, for sure. what do you think, procrastibakers?

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