cupcake trucks!

denver's cupcake trucks are motoring to a street near you (if you live in denver)! photo credit:

hey there procrastibakers! welcome to 2011!

i’ve tried to put off procrastibaking (you know how i roll) for a bit after the holidays in an effort to minimize the annual christmas (and-post-christmas)-weight-gain. now that january’s almost over, i figure most of us are done with our resolutions to stop eating sweets, and the hiatus is officially over.

today i’m updating from starbucks (at barnes and noble) which has a bevy of delightful baked goods, but sadly, i didn’t procrastibake any of them, so i can’t tell you how amazing this marshmallow square is. but i CAN tell you about the advent of cupcake trucks in denver, colorado!

there have been some squabbles over the laws in town, but it seems that cupcake trucks are free to roam the streets of denver worry-free. why go to the grocery store to stock up on ingredients (or cheat and buy the finished product– who are we kidding) when you have a magical truck whirring up and down the streets toting the delectable treats right up to your doorstep?

in a story from, co-owner of cake crumbs bakery denon moore says that there’s still “a lot of silliness” regarding the laws, but they’re excited to get out on to the road.

major cities around the country, especially new york, are renowned for their food trucks, and other cities are following suit. food trucks are known for toting things like falafel or hot dogs, but more upscale alternatives are starting to follow (ie, delicious delicious cupcakes), which have triggered the need for updated regulations.

i’m not sure if the trucks are equipped with an oven (e-z bake to go?) or if they frost-to-order on board, but either way, the advent of mobile cupcakes is something that i welcome with open arms. if you were going to launch a cupcake truck, what would you call yours? i was thinking”truckcakes”… you heard it here first, folks.

check out the full story at

and get excited for new procrastibaked goods on the way! my boyfriend’s mother got me the bon appetit desserts cookbook for christmas, so rest assured– lots of good ideas to come.

happy baking!


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2 responses to “cupcake trucks!

  1. Dan

    In DC there are cupcake AND pie trucks!

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