almond crescent cookies

procrastinating: sending my christmas cards.

prep time: 15 minutes

bake time: 20 minutes

cleanup time: 10 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 45 minutes.

happy holidays, procrastibakers!!

i know it’s been a little while since i’ve procrastibaked with you all, but it’s mostly because i haven’t been procrastibaking from scratch, and i want to keep this blog as legit as possible, with only home-made recipes.

that, and i’ve been procrastinating a new post. you know how it goes.

anyway, it’s the holiday season– aka, my favorite time of the year. i don’t believe in religion, but i certainly believe in the christmas spirit, commercialism undertones and all. i have all the christmas accoutrements anyone could ever hope for. a christmas countdown calender? check. tiny led lights inside and out? check. christmas tree salt and pepper shakers? you betcha.

i have my presents (mostly) wrapped and ready to be gifted, waiting under the tree (that may or may not have gone up immediately after thanskgiving). i have playlists of christmas music continuously looping in my ipod. and i have my christmas cards filled out, addressed, and sitting in the box on the shelf.

it never fails– last year i did the same thing, too. amassed everyone’s addresses (even if it meant harassing friends on facebook), filled them all out, sealed them and addressed them, and then they sat stuffed in my address book until this past october, when i realized it was officially too late to send them. if i didn’t write “happy new year 2010!” in them, i wouldn’t have had to buy new cards this year. oh well.

i could find my way to the post office and get some stamps and finish the job, or i could bake one of my favorite christmas cookies– the almond crescent. it’s a thick, shortbread-y cookie, made with a few really simple ingredients and dusted in confectioner’s sugar for a perfect holiday treat. my mom and aunt exchange christmas cookies every year, and i always search the plate for these ones first.


  1. mixing bowl
  2. baking sheet
  3. 1 cup flour (i’m using gluten-free buckwheat flour in these cookies, but all-purpose is perfect to use too!)
  4. 1 stick butter
  5. 2 tablespoons sugar
  6. drizzle of vanilla extract
  7. 1/2 cup chopped/slivered almonds
  8. sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg
  9. 1/2 cup confectioners sugar (possibly a little more, depending on your cookies)

step one. preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

step two. cut the stick of butter into small squares, and place in your mixing bowl.

step three. pour the flour into your mixing bowl, and mix the two until it reaches an almost-cornmeal texture.

step four. now it's time to add your almonds to the mix. if you're using chopped almonds, you can add them directly to the mix, but if you're using slivered, as i am, chop them briefly so you have some size variety before blending.

step five. add the sugar, vanilla extract, and spices.

step six. using your fingers, mold the cookie dough into crescent shapes. depending on the flour you're using, it may be crumbly-- work the dough enough that the cookies stay together and that the almonds are covered by dough (so the cookies won't break when you lift them from the sheet). arrange them evenly on the baking sheet (they don't spread or rise) and bake for 20 minutes.

step seven. put the confectioner's sugar in a bowl. once the cookies have COMPLETELY COOLED, roll them in the confectioner's sugar until they're coated and store in a cookie jar or air-tight container.

yum! enjoy!

recipe adapted from phillipa vanstone’s “500 cookies”
isbn #: 978-1-56906-592-1


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6 responses to “almond crescent cookies

  1. liza

    ohhhhhhhhhhh do those look amazing

  2. Dear Procrastibake,

    You are a child of the shiny tree-top light, LED or not. Keep on surfing your lovely self into the Light, and may all your Christmas and other solstice holiday wishes come true. And bring some treats down by the old Church of the Highbeams!
    Your Pal
    Reverend Buddy Lee

  3. Meghan

    So I just finished my first final exam of grad school and came home to Charlie Brown Christmas and baking these cookies…I feel about 1000% better!! I used what was in my kitchen, so almond extract instead of vanilla and walnuts instead of almonds – but hey, it worked. Love the blog 🙂

  4. Just send the cards — You’re not the Procrastibaker for nothing! : )

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