procrastibake 2.0

long time no see, procrastibakers! anyone still out there?

somehow, the month of september came and went, and the procrastibake oven stayed at a frosty zero degrees. it’s not that i’ve run out of recipes, or my grocery store no longer stocks flour, or that i’m on the atkins diet and have thrown out all the sugar (and brown sugar and powdered sugar) from my cupboards.

no, ya know, despite our best efforts, sometimes life just gets in the way of our plans. to be fair, i’ve been busy with highs like a wonderful new relationship and reunions with friends and family, and lows like a cancer scare (luckily, just a scare!), a leave of absence from grad  school, and looming on the horizon: moving out of the original procrastibake kitchen, new locale t.b.a.

the past few weeks have been a little crazy, as you can tell. but no matter how the days go, i fall asleep every night dreaming of chocolate mint truffles, of pumpkin pecan pies, of cheddar apple tarts and brown sugar cookies. i wake up with the scent of peanut butter brownies and maple walnut scones in my nose. this morning, i woke up cuddling my oven mitt.

it’s time.

tomorrow will officially kick off procrastibake 2.0– baking tips, news, recipes, photos, and more, updated daily, taking your requests and recommendations from facebook, twitter, and of course, comments right here on the blog. i’m excited to begin again, and i hope you are too.

let’s get back to baking! see you in the morning!

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