procrastinating: cleaning up yesterday’s mess.

prep time: 20 minutes

cleanup time: 5 minutes

total procrastibaking time: 25 minutes

greetings and salutations, procrastibakers. yesterday i had all these great aspirations of making a wedding-esque cake for my dear friend lauren who’s getting married today (!!!!) but i had the baking day from hell. i collapsed two cakes, got raspberry filling everywhere, ruined a batch of white frosting (which is so easy to make, it’s almost HARDER to ruin it), and ended up cutting my hand when my pilsner-glass-turned-rolling-pin exploded in my apparent death grip. you know how you have to crack a few eggs to make some cookie dough? yesterday was more an egg day than a cookie dough day for me.

but i was successful in one of my endeavors– homemade marshmallow fondant. fondant is often used on wedding cakes, but you’ll find it on chic cupcakes or even cookies as decoration– it’s satiny smooth, could be colored or white, and often, it tastes chalky and gross. but of all my misfortune yesterday, the fondant was a smashing success. easy to work with, easy to make, and best of all– tastes delicious. if i had managed to produce a baked good worth serving, i imagine the fondant would have been the icing on the cake– both literally and figuratively.


  1. large pot
  2. 2 lb bag of confectioner’s sugar (yes, two pounds)
  3. 20 oz mini marshmallows (they melt faster ;))
  4. 3 1/2 tablespoons water
  5. crisco (vegetable shortening)

step one. add the marshmallows and water to your large pot, and stir over a medium heat until the marshmallows are all melty. this won’t take too long– don’t let your marshmallows burn! once they’re gooey, take them off the heat.

step two. in the marshmallow pot, pour almost the entire bag of confectioner’s sugar into the pot, and stir. try to get it as evenly distributed as you can, but we’ll work the fondant with our hands in a minute, so don’t stress too much. if you’re making colored fondant, add a few drops of food coloring now.

the crisco-ed table

step three. on a clean tabletop or counter, spread a layer of crisco. this will help keep the fondant from sticking to everything. scoop the marshmallow/sugar mix onto the crisco-ed part of your table, and then apply crisco to your hands as well. knead the dough until it’s well blended and smooth– roughly about 5 minutes. if it gets sticky, add some of the leftover powdered sugar; if it starts to stick to your hands, re-crisco.

step four. once the dough is smooth, spread crisco over it entirely (just enough to cover it in a thin layer) and wrap in saran wrap. the longer you can let it rest before using it– ideally, overnight– the better, but you can start playing after 15 minutes or so if you need to.

fondant will keep at room temperature for months. just wrap it up tightly in saran wrap, and even stick that in a ziploc bag to ensure the air doesn’t get to it.

the thing about fondant is that it shouldn’t go directly on the cake– so i’ll also give you a recipe for a simple buttercream frosting.this will go between the cake and the fondant topping– it helps to create a buffer layer, so little crumbs aren’t detectable under the fondant.

buttercream frosting

prep time: 8 minutes

cleanup time: 2 minutes

time spent procrastibaking: 10 minutes.


1. mixing bowl & spoon
2. 4 tablespoons butter (1/2 stick)
3. 2 1/2- 3 cups confectioner’s sugar
4. 1/8 teaspoon salt
5. 2 tablespoons milk
6. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (if desired)

step one. mix ingredients in your mixing bowl until completely blended. it should be smooth and fluffy and slightly yellow in color. told you– super easy! this makes enough to cover a small cake (like 8.5 x 4.5) but you can easily double or triple the recipe as needed. plus, it tastes pretty delicious on its own, so feel free to use it on non-fondant-ed cakes as well. 🙂

i forgot to take a picture of just the frosting, but you can see here how it captures the crumbs to keep the surface smooth for fondant. make sure you apply the buttercream frosting evenly!


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4 responses to “fondant!

  1. floopeygirl

    oh my sugar levels just went thru the roof w/this one .. thanks Katie! Sounds yummy AND easy … great. Just what I needed. ha ha ha …

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