hi procrastibakers!

low on ingredients? feeling too lazy to even turn on the oven? are you –gasp– procrastinating procrastibaking? hey, if there’s anyone who understands– i do.

every day the blog will incorporate a way to help you virtually procrastibake: a fun link, new vocabulary, a cool article, whatever.

here’s today’s tidbit: williams-sonoma.

my grad-student kitchen may be stocked with tools like “i got this for my birthday” or “someone was giving this away” or “my god-given two hands,” but  in my dreams and my cart on williams-sonoma‘s website, my kitchen is stocked with all sorts of high-tech, amazing gadgets.

personal favorite tools include:

  • the pancake pen: a nifty gadget with which you can be totally precise in your application of batter. the grad-student equivalent? an old condiment bottle that’s been rinsed out. granted, it probably works just as well (provided you’ve cleaned out all that old mustard) but you can see why i find the pancake pen so alluring.
  • a mesh sugar shaker: imagine how much more pristine your powdered sugar application would be with a mesh sugar shaker? pancakes, zeppoles, hot chocolate– all topped with soft, alpine-esque sprinkles of confectioners sugar! right now i take a pinch of sugar between my fingers to lightly powder my baked goods, and it works, i guess. let me dream.
  • the tapered rolling pin: in a perfect world, i wouldn’t be using a sampling glass from the harpoon brewery here in boston as my rolling pin. i wouldn’t be shaping wafer-thin pirouette cookies around the handle of a wooden spoon. instead, i’d be using this rock maple rolling pin to work culinary magic. sigh.

you can see why i’m addicted to this store. i may or may not check store directories in every mall i enter, just to see if i can go gaze longingly at williams-sonoma bakeware i can’t afford and don’t really need or have room for, but that i’d love as if it were my firstborn child.

whether your procrastibaking happens in your kitchen or online (or online in your kitchen, like me) i hope it comes out as deliciously as mine. 🙂 feel free comment with your favorite procrastibaking tools!

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