waste time deliciously.

procrastibaking is probably the greatest discovery of our time.

think about it. we’ve all had those moments where we simply cannot work. maybe the task feels insurmountable. maybe we’re too tired, too stressed, too overwhelmed to even think about it. somewhere, in the back of our minds, we know what has to get done– but please, can’t we put it off a little longer?

and so we find ways to distract ourselves from the inevitable. we might veg out in front of the tv, but it’s a slippery slope: six hours later, we’ve developed a borderline unhealthy addiction to celebrities looking for love one contestant at a time, and are no closer to getting things done (just one more episode! please!). we spend hours facebook-stalking pictures of friends, coworkers, long lost second-grade crushes, or updating our statuses about how the last thing we should be doing is updating our statuses. don’t even get me started on taking naps– both the greatest idea and key to disaster. step away from the mattress.

we waste so much time putting off work, and have nothing constructive to show for it. and that’s where procrastibaking comes in: your time is spent creating delicious treats while postponing less tasty responsibilities.  no more guilt for hours idled away– because now you have scrumptious scones, beautiful brownies, commendable cookies, praiseworthy pies, and all sorts of other alliterative goodies to compensate.

i’ve designed this blog in an effort to not only document my own procrastibaking, but to encourage others to join in, by sticking to the following standards:

  • all recipes will be photographically documented in a step-by-step manner.
  • though some might be more convoluted than others, all recipes will be recounted as clearly and completely as possible.
  • all recipes will be sorted by time expenditure so you can plan your procrastination accordingly.
  • fancy tools and/or ingredients will be used sparingly. procrastibaking is an equal opportunity endeavor.

if you’re going to waste time, waste time deliciously.

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